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Frequently Asked Questions

You have to be under 18 years old.

Children under 18 can jump up with us on Carnival Sunday

However, all children’s packages MUST be booked with an accompanying adult package.  Any orders that do not include an adult will be cancelled.

We operate a NO REEFUND and NO EXCHANGE policy (sorry).  Any cancellations will mean that you forfeit any monies already paid.

We ask that you take your time and select the package that is right for you, before placing an order so you know you will have a sweet time.  Feel free to reach out to one of the team via social media or email and we will be happy to assist.

Yes! You will need to email info@envisagemasdesigns.co.uk to let us know who is collecting the order on your behalf.

Please note: the person collecting the order must check the order in full including the contents in the goody bag before leaving the collection point. The Candy Mas team cannot take responsibility for missing items after they have left the site.


Due to the delicate nature of the items, we suggest you come to the collection point to collect your order.  If you have any issues, please get in touch with us via our social media/email so that we can help.

Sunday is a family day (Adults and Children) but we continue to bring the colour and vibrancy with “Dutty Mas” (Powder) we supply this as part of your package… so no need to bring anything but the energy. Again we urge you not to damage any public property or get bystanders dutty…. unless they are willing participants!

Monday is for costumes and fun mas (Adults Only), we keep it clean but we keep the energy high and of course the same vibes.


Our costumes are “Sold As Seen” because designers work very hard to make our costumes look as good as they do.  If you would like extras or additions to your costume, we will try to accommodate those requests.  However, it is down to the designer’s discretion and time available whether or not we are able to meet your request(s).

Please bear in mind that any additions or extras will come at an additional cost.


Just like any other band, we are always looking for assistance at our busiest time of year. Helping out at the camp is also a good way to meet the team and build relationships before we hit the road as a famalay….!

Drop us an email at info@envisagemasdesigns.co.uk or message to let us know when you would like to help and in what capacity and we will be happy to have you on board.

Please bear in mind that any additions or extras will come at an additional cost.